I love dried seaweed!

There is something about dried seaweed that just explodes on your tongue.  This I cannot explain.  Perhaps it is the salt that perches so delicately on its uneven surface, but it must be more than that.  I, as those who know me well can attest, am not typically drawn to foods with a salty base.  I don’t crave salt, and I don’t generally cook with it, nor do I often add it to my food.  Yet, there is something undeniably satiating about the saltiness of a piece of dried seaweed, whether it is wrapped up as part of a make roll (sushi) or around one of those rice crackers (amongst other uses, of course).  As I said though, it is more than just the salt.  It is the play of the salt against the flavor of the seaweed itself, the essence of the sea rolled flat and dried out only to be reinvigorated and released as it touches your tongue, mixes with your saliva.  My memories of seaweed are longstanding, I had a Japanese playmate in first grade who was very liberal in distributing the contents of her lunchbox.  Many people would say that this is part of the reason why it excites me so much; I will not disagree.  However, the level of appreciation for this food has only recently been more fully realized, as I begin to focus in on the emotional, physical, psychological, and taste sensations that the foods I eat can elicit.  This is just one example of a food which moves me to say more, and I sincerely hope, for my own sake, that there are many more experiences and tastes like this to come.

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