Dragon Fruit follow-up

So Trader Joe’s has dried Dragon Fruit, and it’s even the magenta kind!  Before you grab your coat and rush out to get some, I would caution you that I’ve tried it and it tastes rather funny, not like any dried fruit I’ve ever had before (well it is a different kind of fruit to be fair).  But I kept thinking to myself as I was chewing away on the thin little slices that it reminded me of something else, and I finally came to the conclusion that it’s most similar to a mushroom cream sauce.  Now you are entirely turned off, but it does definitely have an intriguing mouth-feel what with all the little black seeds in the flesh. I would say that you shouldn’t buy it expecting some sweet flavor explosion, because you will be disappointed.  I was so eager to try it that I didn’t even finish putting all my groceries away before I cut open the bag.  It certainly stopped me in my tracks once the flavors were swirling around in my mouth though.  Imagine what beautiful dishes you could cook with it; the color is amazing.  There’s lots of possibilities, just take it to the more savory end of the spectrum.

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3 Comments on “Dragon Fruit follow-up”

  1. Klara Says:

    Yes – I was also surprised :). We bought it in Hawaii as a part of “see-what-strange-things-can-we-eat” plan. I was expecting a “mango” and got a “cucumber”….but you are right – once you are over the deceitful look of the fruit (ha – another trap!), then it was rather interesting.

  2. I saw one of these in the supermarket for the first time today. They look amazing. I haven’t tasted it yet but I’m looking forward to that.

    What I’m looking forward to as well is taking some of those seeds and trying to grow them. I’ve been reading about it and it seems they are pretty easy to germinate although they do grow kind of slowly.

  3. Leighann Says:

    Since I love trying new things I went ahead and picked up the dried dragon fruit from Trader Joe’s. I have never had dragon fruit before, and was suprised by the flavor. Being that I’m not an expert in the kitchen, what kind of experimentation were you thinking about in making dishes with the dried dragon fruit? I doubt I will finish it all just plain, and I’m too novice in the kitchen (and poor) to experiment and have un-edible results. You suggested trying to cook with the dried dragon fruit, and I am wondering- stumble across any good combinations? 🙂 Thanks

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