Foodie Crushes

So I’ve recently come up with a new term to describe a phenomenon in my life. There’s a joke amongst my friends that I have a crush on every guy I ever meet, which it has to be said is probably true, but I like to think it’s because I see the good parts in people and it intrigues me. That’s not at all to say that it ever (hardly ever) translates into my actually dating these guys I may be crushing on, nor that I particularly want to. Recently, however, this appreciation of the opposite sex seems to be on a more focused track, such that I am now officially designating a whole class of crushes as “foodie crushes.” When I first tried to describe this to my sister, she did not understand it at all, but then again this may be because she’s not a foodie and so connections made in, around, through food are not nearly as important to her.

Here’s the part that may make you laugh, although some of these new foodie crushes in my life are people that I can legitimately say are my friends, others are more often people that I come into contact with when I’m out in search of a great foodie experience, i.e. people working in restaurants. Whether it be the waiter who shows an in depth knowledge of the food and possesses an adept means of expressing this, or the staff in the kitchen pouring out their hearts and souls (or so I like to believe) into the food so that you can have a wonderful meal. Expression through the medium of food. This is an interesting and provocative topic, and one that I am so intrigued by. Again, it comes back to this underlying idea that I have that food is an expression of self, that it reveals your identity, that it can even show you things about yourself and the people around you (both good, bad, and indifferent) that you hadn’t known before. So, when I meet or see someone who seems as engrossed by food as I am, I’m drawn to them, I want to know more, I want to explore who they are in and around a meal, and I’m hoping that those people who work in food wouldn’t mind. Someday I may actually work out a way of asking these people more about themselves, of trying to sit down with them at a table, of seeing who they really are. But for now, I am caught up in admiration mainly from afar. What I want is to connect through food, but I’m often too shy or afraid to do anything about it, instead I’m left simply dreaming about it, and remembering times when it’s happened in the past.

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One Comment on “Foodie Crushes”

  1. Ray Moderski Says:

    Most importantly, you are documenting these feelings and impressions. I only wish that I had had the wisdom to do so some 28 years ago when the real adventure in my life began. However, catching up is fun also! It is such a pleasure and honor to count you as a friend, and to get this precious insight into your passion. I at times have believed that I was some sort of a misfit, now I see that there are other wonderful people out there just like me! Thank you,
    Ray Moderski

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