Embrace your sensualist side

So I’ve been playing around a lot recently with the idea of being a sensualist. I can’t exactly remember where I first heard the term now, but I like to think of it as someone who is fully experiencing the moment that they’re in. And this is certainly something to strive for. I know we can all get caught up in thinking / reminiscing about the past and planning / hoping about the future, but imagine how great it is to really be in the present, 100%. I think I’m learning, that there are more and more times in recent months / years in which I’ve been able to achieve this level of presentness. Some of you may be thinking how rather yogic this seems, and it’s true that being here and now is something that we talk a lot about in yoga, but I would like to transition this concept, as always, to the realm of food. And this is how I return to the notion of sensualism. To really have all of your senses turned on, to be aware of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures, this can only serve to increase your appreciation (or frustration I suppose) of a situation. When you’re in a good place, having a good time, though, the ability to take it all in is so much more fulfilling. Perhaps something to keep in mind during this unavoidably hectic time of the year…

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One Comment on “Embrace your sensualist side”

  1. Sam Says:

    Speaking of sensuality in the more denotative meaning of the word, I think you might find this article of interest:


    As you might expect coming from me it’s about Argentine Tango, but I think the ideas are very relevant to what you are talking about.

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