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Japanese snack foods

January 26, 2008

Okay so a friend of mine is living in Japan at the moment and he sent me a package that arrived in the mail today… It is filled with fun packaged snack foods. I have never been faced with so many foods I had no clue what they were before in my life. I mean I’ve been to the big Chinese grocery stores and wandered the isles and sometimes I’ll buy something that looks interesting that I have no clue about, but generally I just go with the familiar I guess, that way I know I’ll use it. Also, they tend to have English on the labels so you can decipher what it is you’re getting, at least in some general sense. So this is different because I actually have these delightful little treats in my possession.


But now I have a whole world of possibilities. I love food surprises, anyone who knows me at all knows I can get over the top excited about food (um why else would I have a food blog?), and new food experiences are always so fun. I don’t even know where to start. I want to sit down and figure it all out, either by trying to look things up on the net or by eating them all in one sitting, but then I also want to savor it and make it last for a really long time because it’s not like I can run out and get more of anything I happen to really enjoy. I think I’ll tend towards the latter and have these unique foods as treats in amongst the regular fare. I mean I could definitely use something to spice up my mundane diet at the moment. Maybe this can give me a jump-start.

I have to wonder at the willingness of some people to try foods they don’t know anything about; I know I’m up for trying anything once. There are certainly foods that I’d prefer not to have too much of or too often, fried food is probably at the top of that list, but that’s just a personal preference and when it comes right down to it, I just want to be willing to be open to anything that comes my way. Seeing these little snacks just reiterated the desire, which is constantly brewing inside, to get out there and travel more and experience some of the world’s cuisine beyond the United States borders. Now, I’ve got to get to making some actual plans to do so, hmm…