Foodie Adventures

So it is my goal to try to have some form of foodie adventure once a week.  Not only to spice up my life a bit, to get my head out of continually thinking about my research, but also to take advantage of all that the Philadelphia food scene has to offer and also all that can be accomplished in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Food adventures can be as simple as making a new dish at home or going out to a new restaurant.  My goal is to try to react in a thoughtful and meaningful way to these experiences, to try to stretch my abilities to digest (in multiple ways) the experiences that are involved in the times and places we eat and with whom we do it.  Please bear with me if I don’t manage to get something new up here every week (keep in mind that I’m a graduate student and that there is a much bigger fish to fry, i.e. my dissertation, which sometimes takes precedence over having a bit of foodie fun), but I will do my best.


One Comment on “Foodie Adventures”

  1. misskoco Says:

    Hi Teagan,

    I have a foodie adventure I think might be up your alley. I’m doing a film about borscht–yes, the beet soup. We will be filming a borscht-tasting/a borscht-off/a borschtravaganza with samples from different restaurants in town, and even some from my mother’s kitchen.

    From 10-5pm on Monday March 31st we will be at the Gershman Y at Broad and Pine to document people’s stories about borscht and the reactions of people who’ve never had it before. I’d like to see some food bloggers come and get their borscht on, and if you have any personal tales about borscht you’re up for sharing, we’d love to film you! Feel free to bring friends, lovers, pets, hordes of adoring fans, etc.

    Borscht the Movie will be screened April 12th at the show Borscht on Broad, a stand-up performance starring Susie Essman (from HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm). Should be lots of fun. We’d love to have bloggers be part of this project, so let me know if you’re available or just stop by.

    If you have any questions you can sen me an email at Hope all is well on your end of the blogosphere and that we’ll get to meet you next week.

    Thanks (with sprinkles on top),
    Miss Koco

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