Here are a list of the food-related podcasts that I listen to.  If you have an iPod, I highly recommend checking some of these out!

  • APM – The Splendid Table (with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, also has a weekly segment from Jane & Michael Stern of Road Food fame)
  • Eat Feed (with Anne Bramley)
  • KCRW – Good Food (with Evan Kleiman, also has a weekly segment from Jonathan Gold who won the Pulitzer prize for criticism this year for his food writing in the LA Weekly)
  • NPR – Food
  • NPR – Kitchen Window (with Bonnie Wolf)
  • NPR – Hidden Kitchens (with Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson, the Kitchen Sisters)

One Comment on “Podcasts”

  1. Tushar Mody Says:

    Heh Teagan. I was doing some back-checking for our Blog( We haven’t posted for quite a while and were trying to get back)and came across your site and remembered that Poem “How to cook a Husband” I used to like so much. A few of us Bloggers got together for a food crawl to New Hope.Check out our site in a couple of days. We were talking about where some of our old blogger friends were.I could be totally wrong but I recall you were studying at Penn, Anthropology I think. Maybe you graduted and moved. If you are still around let me know. A few of us were planning a dinner at my house. Tushar – Phillyfoodguys. email – tusharmody666@aol.com

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